Fake News, Free Speech, And Foreign Influence: The Smart Way the United States Can Combat Disinformation

On January 23, 2018, through the generous support of the Henry M. Jackson Foundation, Human Rights First hosted a public conference entitled, “Fake News, Free Speech, and Foreign Influence: The Smart Way the United States Can Combat Disinformation.” Experts discussed conditions enabling exploitation of the digital public square, the effectiveness of proposed solutions, and the potential impact of various

Human Rights First gratefully acknowledges the participation of the following experts, and notes that all conclusions and recommendations presented in this paper reflect the sole views of Human Rights First.

 Jamie Fly, Senior Fellow and Director, Future of Geopolitics, Asia Program, Alliance for Securing Democracy, German Marshall Fund  Nina Jankowicz, George F. Kennan Fellow, Wilson Center  Amy MacKinnon, Development Editor at Coda Story  Tiffany Li, Resident Fellow, Yale Law School, Information Society Project and Head of the Wikimedia/Yale Law School Initiative on Intermediaries and Information  Emma Llansó, Director, Free Expression Project, Center for Democracy & Technology  Jason Pielemeier, Policy Director, Global Network Initiative  Shanti Kalanthil, Director, International Forum for Democratic Studies, National Endowment for Democracy

The latest in our series of expert-led discussions on Russian influence in Europe and potential tech-driven solutions, the event brought together leading thinkers on disinformation, the media, free speech, and technology at the National Press Club in Washington D.C. The goal of the program was to assess the contemporary state-of-play and share ideas on the emerging responses and responsibilities of governments, the technology industry, and civil society.

The following report captures the event’s main conclusions, ideas, and recommendations, building upon analysis and research conducted .

Issue Brief

Published on March 8, 2018


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