Elisa Massimino Testifies before Congress on Antisemitism

Human Rights First President and CEO Elisa Massimino will testify on Wednesday, February 27 at 9am EST before the House Committee on Foreign Affairs on the alarming rise of antisemitism in Europe and the former Soviet Union.

Watch the testimony here on Wednesday, February 27 at 9am EST.

Human Rights First has long maintained that antisemitic violence, as well as other forms of hate crime, should not be seen simply as the problems of individual victims or their communities. Hate crime must be viewed and responded to as a serious violation of human rights. Governments have an obligation to confront these abuses, and there is much more they could be doing.

The United States is a global leader in combatting antisemitism and other hate crime. In her testimony, Massimino urges the committee to continue this leadership by:

  • Elevating the importance of religious freedom in U.S. foreign policy.
  • Establishing an interagency mechanism to deploy strategically the resources and programs from across the different U.S. government agencies to combat hate crime globally.
  • Elevating the efforts to combat antisemitism as an important component of Bilateral Engagement.
  • Maintaining the international leadership of the United States in multilateral forums, particularly the OSCE.

Read Massimino’s full testimony.


Published on February 26, 2013


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