Don’t Let Congress Get in the Way of Trials for Terror Suspects

Federal courts or military tribunals? It’s not even a question which is the better tool to fight terrorism.

  • Federal courts have successfully prosecuted more than 400 accused of terror crimes since 9/11; military tribunals have convicted only 6.
  • Federal prosecutors have more criminal laws with which to charge terror suspects than tribunals.
  • And federal courts have more than 200 years of precedent to guide them. Tribunals have almost none.

And yet, the Senate will vote this evening or tomorrow on a provision that would bar federal criminal courts from trying many suspected terrorists. The provision would make us less safe and undermine the values that have made our nation strong. Ask your Senators to oppose barring our federal courts from prosecuting terrorists. Federal courts and local law enforcement—as well as the country’s ideals—are our great assets in the struggle against terrorism. Help us defend core freedoms and what works in the country’s counterterrorism effort. Help us defeat this dangerous provision by sending a letter to your Senators now.


Published on October 20, 2011


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