Donald Trump is on the Losing Team

The Falcons taking on the Patriots isn’t the only big competition going down in America this weekend.

Refugees vs. Trump scoreboard graphic

It seems a clear winner is emerging in the battle between Donald Trump and those who stand on the side of the world’s refugees and immigrants. Let’s see where things stand a week after Trump signed the ban.

Team Refugee 

On the side of human rights, we have:

Veteransnational security expertstaxi driversCatholic bishopsdiplomatsBudweiserRabbisNetflixSouthern BaptistsAirbnbDemocratsFordCoca-ColaStarbucks, Nike, FacebookGoogle, and the rest of Silicon ValleyRepublican Senators Alexander, Cassidy, Collins, Flake, Gardner, Graham, McCain, Moran, Roberts, and Sasse, mayors and governors across the country, the lawyers,  the unionsthe universities, and Wall Streetjust to name a few.

And your favorite players in this weekend’s game? They spoke out too.

But most importantly, new polling indicates that Team Refugee has a clear majority of all Americans.  

Team Trump 

On the side of religious tests, we have:

Steve Bannon, David Duke, the new acting attorney generalabout a quarter of Congress, NJ Governor Chris Christie, Rudy Giuliani. And Team Trump just lost Uber.

Our panel of experts gives this week to Team Refugee and marks President Trump down with a loss.

Of course, this isn’t a game. This order is leaving refugees out in the cold and putting Americans around the world in danger. Today and throughout the weekend there are events in 19 states where you can demonstrate your opposition. Contact your elected representatives and let them know you expect them to stand up for refugees. And to help us keep fighting back, donate to Human Rights First.


Published on February 3, 2017


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