David Danzig takes on Richard Cohen, in the Huffington Post

Read HRF’s David Danzig’s rebuttal, in the Huffington Post, of Richard Cohen’s Washington Post column today. He presents Cohen’s basic argument as “Ishmael, a fictionalized ‘terrorist or a suicide bomber or anything you want’ who the U.S. will capture one day, won’t talk because the Obama administration has outlawed the use of waterboarding and other abusive ‘enhanced” interrogation techniques.'”

David brings it back to facts:

The reality is that U.S. interrogators in Iraq, Afghanistan, Guantanamo and
elsewhere face thousands of real-life Ishmaels every day and they consistently
get them to talk without abusing them.

He proceeds to give three real-life examples from experienced interrogators – which Cohen is not, by the way. Read the whole article.


Published on September 1, 2009


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