Campaign Update: Momentum Against Torture Grows

It’s been an encouraging couple of weeks in our efforts to put ending torture front and center in the presidential election.

This past weekend, Human Rights First hosted a meeting in Des Moines, Iowa with over a dozen retired admirals and generals and seven of the presidential candidates to discuss the importance of putting an end to policies that authorize torture and abuse. Check out yesterday’s op-ed in Stars and Stripes to read why the meeting’s co-chairs, General Joseph P. Hoar and General David M. Maddox, were motivated to take action against torture and abuse.

We celebrated even more momentum last Wednesday when the CNN/YouTube debate featured a question from a Seattle student who wanted to know where the candidates stood on waterboarding. Two of the candidates, Mitt Romney and John McCain, responded. See what they had to say.

It’s because of supporters like you that the candidates are responding. Special thanks to Bart of Canandaigua, N.Y., who submitted his own video question for the YouTube debate! When people like you stand up and demand answers, we get moments like this. Thank you.
We’re seeing positive results – candidates are talking about this important issue – but our work is hardly done. We need a pledge from all the candidates to stand against torture. We already have 30,000 Americans demanding it.

Our message is strong – you can make it even stronger. Ask your friends and family to sign our petition calling for a President who will not allow torture to happen again in America’s name.


Published on December 7, 2007


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