There’s a name for the child who picks on the weakest kid in hopes of getting attention. He’s a bully.

Thirteen days into his presidency, to keep the spotlight on himself, Donald Trump has repeatedly targeted the most vulnerable people in the world: refugees.

Last night he hung up on the Prime Minister of Australia. But we all heard his message loud and clear. Donald Trump will put “America First” by making sure the weakest people in the world come last. That’s not leadership, it’s bullying.

Here are the facts:

  • The world is facing an unprecedented refugee crisis. Contrary to Trump’s tweet, refugees aren’t “illegal immigrants;” they are people fleeing persecution and governments have pledged to protect them.
  • Most of the world’s refugees will not be coming to the United States. They would rather go home or stay in more familiar regions.
  • Those that end up resettled in the United States have been extensively vetted. Americans have a greater chance of being struck by lightning multiple times than they do of being harmed by a resettled refugee.
  • Without the United States doing its part, this crisis won’t be solved. National security experts agree that it’s the chaos, interrupted counterterrorism operations, and international ill will caused by Trump’s executive order that pose the real security risk.

Of course, bullies aren’t interested in facts. But we all know how to deal with a bully.

First, you stand up to him. 

  • If you are a veteran, consider joining Veterans for American Ideals. Thousands of veterans have volunteered their time to stand with refugees and against bigotry.
  • If you are a lawyer, take a case and represent someone fleeing persecution.
  • If you are a concerned American, you can demonstrate your opposition to what’s going on. Tomorrow and throughout the weekend there are events in 17 states. Or you can contact your elected representatives and let them know you expect them to stand up for refugees.

Second, you call for assistance from responsible adults. That’s the role we need members of Congress to step up and play; as a separate and co-equal branch of government, Congress can block Trump’s Muslim ban in its tracks. Demand that it do so.


Published on February 2, 2017


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