Bipartisan Support for the Afghan Special Immigrant Visa Program

Bipartisan Support for the Afghan Special Immigrant Visa Program

  • General Peter Chiarelli (Ret.). “They should be helped. They should be helped to get in to the country, both them and their families, and anyone else in their family that is under duress. They should be helped to resettle, to be able to find a job, find housing, adequate housing, and integrated into our society […] they ought to be regarded as veterans, as heroes, no less so than any born American is a hero. In many cases, even more so.”
  • General David Petraeus (Ret.). “We have an obligation to look after those who have served us and served our mission, and served their own country, so very faithfully and often involving a great deal of sacrifice. They put their lives on the line.”2
  • General John W. Nicholson, Jr. “Failure to adequately demonstrate a shared understanding of their sacrifices and honor our commitment to any Afghan who supports the International Security Assistance Force and Resolute Support missions could have grave consequences for these individuals and bolster the propaganda our enemies.”3
  • General John F. Campbell (Ret.). “Their support of our mission has resulted in our Afghan partners facing threats from insurgent groups throughout the country. They frequently live in fear that they or their families will be targeted for kidnappings and death. Many have suffered this fate already. The SIV program offers hope that their sacrifices on our behalf will not be forgotten.”



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Published on October 13, 2017


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