American Psychologists Debate Their Role in CIA Program

Salon previews the conflict expected to arise at this weekend’s American Psychological Association conference over whether APA members can continue to play a role in the CIA’s “enhanced” interrogation program. The APA has come under fierce criticism after news of psychologists’ participation in the development and use of harsh interrogation techniques came to light. This weekend, the APA will consider a resolution condemning specific practices, but many members want the organization to go further and place a moratorium on psychologist participation in the entire CIA program. Since the Director of National Intelligence, Mike McConnell, has said that the CIA program is proceeding “under medical supervision,” and doctors and psychiatrists have already ruled out their own participation, the position of the APA has the potential to impact the CIA program. Of course, as Mark Benjamin, the author of the piece, notes, given that the CIA won’t comment on its interrogation program, “whatever happens, it will be done in secret.”


Published on August 15, 2007


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