A Networked World: What’s Next for Human Rights?

Watch this video, “A Networked World: What’s Next for Human Rights?” commissioned by one of our partners, Global Partners & Associates to learn about the importance of maintaining a free Internet.


New technologies are creating unprecedented opportunities for information sharing and paths for communication but these same technologies can be used to limit freedom of expression by enabling content blockage, information screening and message interception.

As the video says, we need to think hard about ways to apply human rights standards and principles to the whole communications environment. This is why Human Rights First helped launch and continues to actively support the Global Network Initiative (GNI), a multi-stakeholder initiative to protect and advance freedom of expression and privacy in the Information and Communications Technology Sector.

HRF is also working to highlight the experiences of netizens – journalists, activists and bloggers from around the world who use the Internet and communication technologies to organize democratic movements, hold their governments accountable or simply to express themselves to show the importance of maintaining freedom of expression and privacy in this realm. Check out our video featuring some of these voices from the ground:


New technology demands new thinking about how companies, governments and civil society groups can each work to promote Internet freedom, visit our website to learn more.


Published on July 23, 2010


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