A Citizenry’s Apathy Enables A Country’s Policies

Hey New York-based dance fans! The New York Times today reviews Jane Comfort’s “An American Rendition,” a new dance-theater piece that explores the parallels between government bureaucracy and reality television, both “dizzying, pointless, inhumane systems marked by conformity, stereotypes and black-and-white codes of conduct.” Dick Cheney is famously quoted, “We’ll have to work sort of the dark side, if you will.” And dancers alternate between portraying reality TV contestants and brutal interrogators.

“At one point a dancer morphs from a ruthless government interrogator into a dull-eyed channel surfer gazing expressionlessly at an imaginary screen as his victim limps off the stage, which is flooded in red light. The accusatory implication is clear: a citizenry’s apathy enables a country’s policies.”

To combat said apathy, please make use of our advocacy toolkit for more suggestions about how you can make sure your voice is heard by candidates across the country.


Published on September 30, 2008


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