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How to Thwart Digital Surveillance

The national security law imposed on Hong Kong by the Chinese government will likely be devastating to human rights in Hong Kong, and the United States government should react immediately,…

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Human Rights First Alarmed at Sweeping Arrests of Veteran Activists in Hong Kong

Washington, D.C. – Human Rights First condemned today’s arrests of 15 veteran pro-democracy activists in Hong Kong, including leading legal figures Margaret Ng, Martin Lee and Albert Ho. “We know that human rights…


Tomorrow Poses Major Test of Hong Kong’s Rule of Law

New York City—Human Rights First today called for the Hong Kong authorities to respect the rights to peaceful association, assembly, and expression ahead of major protests anticipated tomorrow. Tomorrow marks…


New Firsthand Report on Unrest in Hong Kong Outlines Ideal U.S. Response

Washington, D.C.—Human Rights First today released a new report outlining what the U.S. government and other American actors should do in response to the unrest in Hong Kong. “Hong Kong’s Fight For the Rule of…


October 1: A Turning Point for Hong Kong Protests?

Hong Kong is bracing for what the local press bills as “potential chaos” on Tuesday, October 1, when celebrations are scheduled to mark the seventieth anniversary of the founding of the People’s…


Hong Kong Volunteer Lawyers Provide Public Education During Unrest

Around 150 people, most middle-aged, pack into the Hong Kong church to hear a group of young lawyers speak about their rights and responsibilities. The meeting opens with a hymn…


Hong Kong’s Fight for the Rule of Law

HONG KONG’S FIGHT FOR THE RULE OF LAW Introduction Human rights lawyers and other civil society leaders in Hong Kong are urging members of Congress to pass the Hong Kong…