Our work in 2022

Actualizing Freedom & Equality

In these unsettled times, the pursuit of justice in the United States and around the world matters deeply in the lives of billions of people all across the globe.

We spur Americans and our institutions into action in four areas where there are serious and growing challenges: resurgent authoritarianism; extremism; systemic injustice; and the abuse of technology.

We use our expertise and partner with skilled elements of society to expand accountability, curb repression, and support human rights defenders in the United States and across the globe.

Concurrently, we work to broaden and deepen support for real, sustained, systemic justice in the United States so that it is the primary issue in our national discourse and main driver of every decision.

Our programmatic overview details some of the most important human rights challenges we faced and offers highlights of some of the key work we undertook in 2022.